Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nomenclature Change

...largely because someone else had Mercuriality taken. Bugger.

Swingulaity/Mercuriality mean the same thing - the fickle nature of someone who has too many things to focus on, thus meaning that only one thing - or, occasionally a few things - get obsessed over for short periods of time.  It's a bit of madness, I suspect.  

It has nothing to do with any sort of partner-swapping, so if that's why you stopped by, you probably want to move on - you will be sorely disappointed by the content here.

Largely I'm a gamer. A miniatures games. Yes, I play with toy soliders, and yes, my mom is SO proud of me. I've been in this hobby for...um....20-odd years now. I have, without exaggeration, thousands of miniatures. Probably over 10,000, but it's sort of cheating to count all of the 6mm ones and 10mm ones and so forth in that.

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to give me space to write up whatever I feel like about whatever game I feel like blathering on about. And I assure you that it will change constantly, like the wind, because I do suffer from the title defect.

First, though, a little about the stuff I have.

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