Wednesday, September 2, 2009

See the Divide

My planned 40k game for tomorrow night has been canceled by the other player and I am annoyed. I was getting all sorts of nasty tricks ready to kill Imperial Guard tanks with my Chaos Marines. It was, I sort of imagine, my revenge shot for the horrific game I had against Imperial Guard in the first round of the 'Ard Boyz. The fact that the player I was supposed to beat on was not that Imperial Guard player, nor is he the sort of caliber of player to be in the 'Ard Boyz - nevertheless my desire for revenge would be slaked upon his undeserving bones.

There are offers of other games but I have not decided if I am at all interested. I was set to play 40k.

Meanwhile the deep rabbit-hole that is Bartertown continues to plague me. Sell one thing, immediately turn that money around on the next shiny thing that passes by. Ah, but THIS shiny thing is SUCH A GOOD DEAL....


at some point I shall run out of things to sell.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clutch it like a Cornerstone

This blog certainly lives up to the vagaries of its creator and contributor.

So what's happening?

Excellent question. I might deem the end of the summer here a gaming lull, of sorts. I did play a game of 40k a few weeks ago. And two weeks ago I got to actually sit for a demo of Heavy Gear Blitz (I've owned Heavy Gear models for years and years; it was always a case of loving the universe but hating the rules).

Oh, and, I played some Magic: The Gathering, because I'm weak and entirely too curious about this 10th edition they just released.

What's on the plate?

Presently, 40k, Dark Age, AT-43.

40k bounces back and forth for me. Presently I have so much stuff that it's hard for it to ever fall off the radar. I spent several hours yesterday assembling a new Predator and Defiler for my massive Chaos Space Marines force.

Dark Age is presently at a high mark because I'm doing some work with the company. We shall see how long that lasts and if it bears fruit. (so many other ventures have not) Plus I've been on a trading kick and acquired a small St. John force, as well as a new Skarrd force to replace the one I traded off.

AT-43 was recently re-energized with the release of the COG army box and book. I, of course, had to pick up each. Jeff and Tim played AT-43 a few weeks ago - there wasn't time for me to get a game in as well.

I am also trying to organize and improve the terrain at Gaming Mecca. It's always been "largely available but slipshod". I am trying to organize and buff up the options.

I also have the recurring desire to have either a large Mordheim or Necromunda set-up for a long-term campaign. That might make me crazy before long.