Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Keeping Track of It All

Not that anybody reads this, but for my own sanity, the various projects in process and ongoing and such.

In no particular order:

1. Black Legion - Maurice Painting. 17 figures in progress

2. Silver Skulls - Glenn Painting. 20 figures (two Tactical squads) in progress.

3. Dark Age - presently working trade for:
2 bolas
bone doc
8 buzzblades
Fetish bearer
2 Golabs
2 harpies
Sister of Charity
3 Toxic Mistresses
Father Curwin
Tribal Father SE

4. Menoth: Jeff painting. In progress: Avatar, Harbinger of Menoth

5. Warriors of Chaos: still being assembled. Need more Marauders on foot.

6. Urban War Gladiators and Junkers: Tim painting. In progress:
6 Auxila
6 Legionaries
1 Legionary Flame Thrower
2 Legionary Chain Gunners
2 Legionary Exo-Suits with Chain Guns
2 Lictors
3Greater Pit Beasts
2 Lesser Pit Beats
1 Taurian Howitzer

8x Secutors
2x Amazonian Decurians
2x Myrmillo


Infinity - have PanOceana starter, unpainted. some Haqqislam (300ish points?) unpainted. Combined Army, painted, 300ish points

Rezolution - very sizable CSO and Dravani forces. unpainted.

Hordes: Large Circle of Oroboros force, partly painted.

more to come

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