Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I've Been Awake For....Forever

Sadly have not gotten in any gaming since my two wins with the Ogres. When I've been available, no one else has been; and when I'm unavailable it hardly matters what their availability is...

In the meantime I've done a little more thinning of the herd. The Black Templars are on Ebay and finally selling. The Searforge Commission (Warmachine Dwarven Mercs) are as well and sadly are NOT selling. I have waffled on and off about the Eldar (tried to sell them, couldn't get what I considered to be a reasonable price, decided to keep them) and have fallen back into the "get rid of them" column. I am sitting on the fence about my Hordes Circle collection, since it is huge, but I don't know that I play enough Hordes to justify having two armies for it - which is why I got rid of all save one of my Warmachine armies (had all of them, now only have Menoth)

On the painting side, I'm trying to get my pile of unpainted Chaos Space Marines painted, but it seems that my preferred price per model might be a little on the too cheap side.

Can't win.

Still I do have some Thousand Sons in progress, with the painter who is also working on the Silver Skulls. Very slowly. Musn't complain. There might be progress on my Dark Elf army, maybe, possibly, keeping my fingers crossed painfully.

I've also been struggling with my IT MUST BE MINE!!!! instincts, from the Warmachine Retribution army, to Space Wolves, to even going after new games like Arcane Legions. Sadly I have succumbed to lure of Malifaux, although I can partly blame Jeff for that. I also want to pick up the Space Wolf codex and Planetstrike Codex one of these days.

Presently on my "buy" list:

Space Wolf codex
Planetstrike codex
Malifaux rulebook
Malifaux Cult of December box
Terrain - want to get some more variety of stuff. Including the Planetstrike stuff.

I think that's it for this update.

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Ryan said...

Ive seen a little bit on Malifaux, just enough to say "that looks kinda cool", but not enough to make me go looking into it more... You will have to let us know how it is.