Friday, November 6, 2009

Feverish Ramblings

Well at least I think it's a fever. Could be the body fighting against the fact that it's cold and I've been sitting next to a drafty window for hours.

In any case, a few reports:

1. Played some Warmachine Mark II last Saturday against Tim. Played a 50-point and a 25-point battle, my Menoth versus his Khador. Sadly I lost both largely because I A) overgambled and B) did not realize how long Sorsha's striking range in Mark II is. Furthermore Warcasters seem so much more vulnerable than Warlocks; which is a demonstration of how much more Hordes I play over Warmachine.

2. Acquisitions! Always more frequent than actual playing. Yes, I'm aware that is a bad thing.

As planned in my last posting:

Cult of December box
Space Wolf Codex
Planetstrike Codex

And true to form I've really not fully digested any of them. YAY!


This Quar's War - a game that I really don't have any designs on playing, but I'm impressed with the (surface level) detail about the world and the Quar themselves. (Sadly what I have seen of the game rules from Zombiesmith forum, the game does not really look like my cup of tea)

Lord of the Rings rulebook - the newer (2.0?) hardback rulebook. I have all of the older rules that were included in the various movie books. I can't figure out what is driving my interest in playing LoTR skirmish - particularly after I JUST sold off all of my LoTR minis - but it hasn't gone away yet.

Flames of War: Africa (2nd edition) - to help fill out my Mid-War Brits, this new book has all of the lists and info I need. There's just enough interest in the Disorderlies about Flames of War to keep me inching toward playing it.

Skaven Armybook - while I WANT a Skaven army I know there's no chance I could find someone to paint me one. So this will just be for the reading and reference for crushing them.

Generalized Want:

Monsterpocalpyse- despite not really loving this game the 2-3 times I've played it, I have been craving to play it more! And, of course, that craving to play more is coupled with a craving to buy more. The Monsterpocalypse Now! release is pretty neat - six new factions that can play/interact with the existing six. Very clever way to bring out some new tricks without making people feel their old stuff is worthless. So...I ordered some Planet Eaters that I have been wanting for a while. Sosumi.

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