Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Acqusitions, Inc

Sadly one of the things I love nearly as much as playing all of these various and sundry games is acquiring new games, and the stuff you use to play these games.  I am a collector, and I know that I enjoy the getting AND the having perhaps a bit too much.

Of late I've been in a heavy acquisition mode for more Urban War miniatures.  Oh, it wasn't enough that I couldn't play with my old VOID figures...no, I needed the latest and the greatest of shiny things.  

So I scoured the online stores, since Urban War has poor retail penetration.  Not great prices.  Ebay?  Poor selection.

Oh hey here's Bartertown!  I haven't visited Bartertown in years and years. I mean YEARS.  I think my last tranactions were on there when it was just being run by an Aussie college student whose name I can't recall.  It was constantly up and down, I think, because the college he was at didn't really like the traffic he was pulling. 

Anyway it appears that Bartertown is the answer to my Urban War yearnings.  Sadly mostly for cash, which has me selling other things on Ebay to buy Urban War collections.  It's a crazy cycle.

And speaking of cycle, I'm sure by the time I get copious amounts of Urban War models and am prepared for some serious Metropolis (the bigger scale Urban War game) Mercuriality will punch me like a fist to the jaw and I'll move on from this game; probably to a game that I need to start this deranged acquisiton mode all over again for.


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