Monday, February 2, 2009

Once more with feeling

And I'm doing a GREAT job of updating this with the frequency is rightfully deserves. Those of you expecting journeyman blogger writing levels are in for a painful shock.

Short drop, sudden stop.

Anyway I did some gaming this past Saturday; having something nearly akin to a convention of various games going on. I myself played 40k (lost), learned Alkemy (lost), taught Epic Armageddon (lost) and played Dark Age (and won, breaking the streak!).

Not bad for 7 hours.

The Swingularity needle is presently pointing to a trio of games, fueled in part by my friends and in part by my own inexplicable compass and it's constant teetering. Presently those games are:

Dark Age, where I have now only Brood; having traded my Skarrd to my friend Jeff. Of course no sooner do I do that than make efforts to acquire a nicely painted Dragyri force from Bartertown. I'm really enjoying this game despite its less-than-stellar level of support from its parent company.

Urban War. Largely the fault of Tim but I've dived in head first. We both had figures for Urban War when the game first came out, but somewhere along the way we lost interest in it. Around the end of last year the game sort of popped back on our radar and we have played a few games since. More imporantly has been the rapid acqusition of more models for the game - I've already added about 40 last month and am on track to add 60 or so more models to my collection this month. Madness.

Heavy Gear Blitz. SUCH a dark horse for me. I have always loved the world of Heavy Gear; it has been one of the best fleshed-out universes I've ever seen, and they made the anime conceit of Big Mecha Things work out very well in the canon. But I've never really enjoyed the game itself - I bought a good number of the miniatures a long time ago, got them painted, and then sat down to play with a friend...and found them hard to follow and even painful. Units had to practically standing next to one another to do damage. It just felt wrong and we pretty much boxed it up never to play again. However I've watched as HG: Blitz has come out...and the revised version, HG: Blitz Locked and Loaded, and I'm intrigued. I've been reading the rules and the army lists and trying to figure out what more I might need to make an army to try the game out with....

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Ive noticed getting the first few posts out helps getting more motivated to do more...