Monday, February 9, 2009

How It's Going

Played a game last Thursday - Dark Age; 750 points of my Brood army against Tim's new St. Johann army. Tim expected a massacre - it was his second time playing the game, ever, and his first game was a very brutal match against the Skarrd that might have left him with some scars.

It was a massacre, but in unexpected ways - my Brood were absolutely pulped. I am now deathly afraid of St. Johann himself, AND the terribly scary prowess of Strike squads that have been augmented and drugged. Terrifying!

My acquisitions are coming along. In the mail to me presently are a new Dragyri army for Dark Age, as well as a lot more Urban War Viridians and VASA troops - the VASA troops are largely for Tim. I'm waiting on a payment from a Bartertown sale to get myself a mess of Gladiator troops, which honestly was the start of all of my Bartertown finds in the first place. (funny how that works out)

On tap: a 4-player 40k game, 3000 points per player, on Feb 21st. Have not decided which army I am going to dust off yet. My last 40k foray wasn't pretty; so I really need to redeem myself.

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